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What is Antler Home Center

My name is Ray McKinney and I am the Managing Partner of Antler Home Center in Grandview, Texas. This is the first of many weekly articles that I will write to explain and publish all things about Antler Home Center. The first article, this one, is about What We Are. Antler Home Center in Grandview, Texas, is a unique business model, and over the coming weeks I will endeavor to explain all about it, as I believe it is important to understand what we are trying to do.

The premise is that we represent “All Things Housing” to the consumer. We have 6 distinct product offerings, grouped into 3 sets.

  1. Build on Your Land
    1. Site Built
    2. Manufactured Homes

We will build a Site-Built home for our customer on his land, chosen from one of our 4 broad product lines. From the value Bonanza series, to our very popular mid-range Antler series, and the upscale Lakeside series, to our luxury line, the Heritage Series. We have many floorplans and finishes to choose from.

We can also sell and install a New Manufactured Home on our customers land, from our large inventory of homes, or ordered specially for them from one of our manufacturing partners. We have a great deal of experience, decades in fact, in providing this particular product and home buying experience to our customers.

  1. Spec homes
    1. Site Built
    2. Manufactured Homes

We have been building Site Built Spec homes for well over 20 years now. We always have an inventory of homes under construction that are available to purchase at prices competitive at any level, especially in our Value Bonanza and Antler series.

We also have NEW Manufactured Homes setup on land and available to purchase as well. These can shorten the time necessary to get into a Manufactured Home by months as we’ve already done the hard part; find the land, set the home on the land and improve it all until we have a beautiful “package” to offer at a price point that just does not exist in today’s market.

  1. Pre-owned, then heavily refurbished homes on land
    1. Site Built
    2. Manufactured Homes

We purchase pre-owned homes, both Site Built and Manufactured Homes already on land, when they appear as they will be able provide a quality offering to our customer.

We have purchased and refurbished to resell, literally thousands of these type homes and land to our customers. Our refurbishing is of the highest quality such that our own families would live there. Someone’s family WILL live there, and we want them to be proud of their new home that we made ready for them.

So, this is the premise that Antler Home Center is. We will strive continually to be the very best we can be in all categories.

I will continue to write and publish this article each week and introduce the specifics of each product, our preferred lender partner program, and other peripheral advantages that come along with purchasing a home from Antler Home Center in Grandview, Texas.

Stay tuned, as next week’s article will be on WHO We Are.