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Having a home built on your property, or our property for that matter, need not be a complicated process. One of the primary things to consider, is how to finance your new home. There are 2 considerations in financing this home:

1. A construction loan, and

2. A primary mortgage loan, after the house is built.

Here is a deeper dive into these loan types.

One Time Close

This is a construction loan that modifies, or becomes your permanent loan, after the home is built. You only need qualify once. There is only one closing, so there is only one set of closing costs

Two Time Close

This is where there are 2 separate loans involved in building your home; a construction loan, and a final “take-out” lender, which is the lender that takes the ultimate role of being your mortgagee. “Take out” is a term used in the mortgage industry indicating the primary lender “takes out” the construction lender when the home is complete. A lot of people use their bank for their construction lender and a mortgage company for their primary lender.

At Antler Home Center we have relationships with lenders that do both. We know how to do these, and so do they. These are our “preferred” lenders for our site-built homes that we build.

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Goldwater Bank

Prime Residential Mortgage

We can even help arrange for a separate construction loan through one of our Banking relationships if you really need to do it that way. And some people do. We have many years of experience helping families build their dream home, and we have the financing expertise, the financing and banking relationships, and a reputation of total integrity, that you can trust to help you with the construction of your family’s new dream home.

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